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^ Good to see Bam Bam defending himself.

Kitana became another one of those too good to turn down superstars. Wow. Next show is the big one. Flashpoint. The final show on the final day of the year. Doubt any of my guys will be up for awards. Interested to see where Batman finishes in the top 500. He's been the best performer and usually has good matches with his Gotham company.

Opened a 30000 venue in New England called Belle Reve. Be used for the first time at Flashpoint.

The beautiful Disney alliance cause plans to change.. Frickin, Kitty Pryde defeated Kisarah Westfield for the Women's title a night before the show. (in a lousy 57 match) Kisarah was set to defend against Donna Troy. In a way, I'm happy about this because I kind of feel like I was pushing Troy into this too quickly. She has been winning matches against locals and mids but still is at mid herself. Think an actual feud with another woman will help. Troy will now take on Bleez.

I'm going to bring Kitty Pryde in for a defence and Kitana is debuting. You know what's happening there. Kitty will take great pride in appearing on the biggest show of the year to fulfil her transitional champion duty. Maybe this has worked out well for me. Hot debut for Kitana.

Nemesis is not the man for the top title. He's just a brute. an incredible brute, but a brute all the same. Not what I want for the championship. I picture Superman winning with his last breath or something cinematic like that. lol Might even do a title vacancy because Superman is taking some time off afterwards.

Not sure of the direction of the title yet. Bookmakers believe General Zod is the slight favourite, The Flash odds keep improving. Speed is the key, Mr Allen.

Basically using the awesome Christopher Reeve performance from Superman 3 as my Bizarro. (my avatar) Not the goofy versions of Bizarro. He is going to get a push next year.

Heading into next year.

Matt Hardy and Callie Liddle are a team. They're named Awoken. Another fine piece of creativity. Anyway, they will go at it with The Rogues and Canary&Arrow in a parking lot brawl. Not really sure what I'm doing with Hardy yet. Thought the debut with phantom zone escape was perfect. As you will all know, it can get hard to concentrate on so many people. He's just been cutting promos. No real direction.

Copying from what I've seen on TV, I'm going to do a Flash turns back time storyline. He will certainly contemplate it.

Shoot to Kill are going to dominate the tag team division. Thinking ahead. We have people at the bar a lot in this game. What if Deathstroke and Reaper are there one night and then all of a sudden we see these other guys drinking.

That is my limit. Just been thinking the Road Warriors would be a good fit.

The Undertaker is starting to remember the world he was once part of.

And then I levitated, it looked like Marty Jannetty was there.

hahaha Marty Jannetty. Wait, who's that? Listen, dude, you need to ease up on those magic spells.

Taker and Jones will take on Morbius and Dracula in a buried alive match. I had planned to do the 2 vs 3 at the earlier show. Undertaker suffered one of those short-term injuries you can't work through.

Justice League will finally get a fresh coat of paint. I wanted to do it earlier. Cyborg and Aquaman are both going to leave. Green Arrow hit the drink hard after Nemesis broke Arsenal's back.

Supergirl is also done. She will take on Zod at Flashpoint. She's improved so much over the year. Zod and Milton Fine are trying to mentor her. Zod is acting all nice here. Supergirl made the challenge and Zod politely accepted. Her actions are starting to change, can she be trusted? Superman not around to look out for her now.

Batman leaves because he failed Superman. The Red Hood and Bat-Vamp will keep him busy. Batman vs Bat-Vamp will wrestle at Flashpoint in a Texas death match. How random.

The Flash will take over the Justice League. The new lineup will be.

The Flash
Harrison Wells (The brain of the operation. Not a wrestler.)
Superman will eventually return.
AJ Styles (that's right)
Tina Ocean
Revan (The force is coming to the JLA )
Wonder Woman
Killer Frost

Frosty has been good ic champ, got the prestige up to 84. It is AJ Styles moment though. He has defeated her in non-title matches. The time is right. Fallout with Kane coming shortly.

Mick, if you believe we've seen the last of Superman then I've got some dotcoms to sell to you.

Take my money.

Superman's Messiah complex is something I have always admired. Too bad Nemesis didn't feel the same way. Merry Christmas and happy new year everybody. Stay safe.
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