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WWF Survivor Series 1987!

Team Dragon Fire vs The Million Dollar Corporation

Team Dragon Fire: *Captain* WWF Intercontinental Champion Ricky Steamboat, Harley Race, Koko B. Ware, & Southern Comfort (Austin Idol & Dutch Mantell)

The Million Dollar Corporation: *Captain* Ted Dibiase, Bob Orton, Stan Hansen, Dino Bravo, & Bobby Eaton

Steamboat leaves his team at a disadvantage after The Dragon & Stan Hansen are fighting outside, and are both counted out. Team Dragon Fire never really recovers without their captain. It comes down to Harley Race alone against Ted DiBiase & Bob Orton. Race manages to eliminate Orton. But thanks to a distraction by Orton, DiBiase manages to roll up Race for a 3 Count with a handful of tights! The Million Dollar Corporation wins!

Jake Roberts was supposed to be apart of Team Dragon Fire, but failed his second drug test and was sent to rehab. It really downgraded the team, and made my decision on who should win a lot easier.

Team Santana vs Team Martel

Team Santana: *Captain* Tito Santana, Barry Windham, Kevin Von Erich, Bob Backlund, & Ken Patera

Team Martel: *Captain* Rick Martel, Rhythm & Blues, Owen Hart, & Nikolai Volkoff

The former team known as Strike Force face off for the first time since Rick Martel attacked his own partner. After both teams lose three members, Santana & Backlund are left to face off with Martel & Greg Valentine. But Martel has no interest in ever getting into the ring with Santana, and deliberately gets counted out of the match! Santana eventually puts Valentine away with the Flying Forearm, winning it for his team! Santana & Backlund survive, but its clear Tito is frustrated he never got his hands on Martel!

Backstage, WWF World Tag Team Champion Road Warrior Hawk tells Gene Okerlund that the ruling has come down from the doctors. His partner, Animal, will be unable to compete tonight due to the vicious backstage attack by the Hart Foundation earlier in the week. The titles are no longer on the line, but the match is still on! Hawk has been granted permission to find a new partner! Hawk has found that partner, and he is…

Road Warrior Hawk & Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat vs The Hart Foundation
Steamboat is pulling double duty! Despite eventually cutting off the ring on Steamboat and working him over, it’s clear Hitman & Anvil are not on top of their game. They’re irate that Steamboat was added to the match, they thought they could cheat their way into a Handicap Match for the Tag Team Titles! Steamboat flies off the top rope and wipes Neidhart out with a beautiful Cross Body Block, gaining the three count and the win for his team!

Animal was legit hurt, setting up this alteration. It kind of works out, because this was supposed to the finale match, the rubber match between the Road Warriors & Hart Foundation over the Tag Team Titles. Bret was going to move on to feud with Steamboat over the IC Title, so this just sets it up differently.

Animal should recover in a couple weeks, so the big finale match will happen in December ’87. Neidhart, though, now has a nagging injury after this match, leaving me to decide what to do. Still have the finale match and have Neidhart work with the injury? Or do the finale match with Owen Hart replacing the Anvil? Either way, Road Warriors will be victorious, and move onto their next challengers!

Team Hayes & Muraco vs Team Brainbusters

Team Hayes & Muraco: *Co-Captains* Michael Hayes & Magnificent Muraco, Tommy Rich, & The Mechanics (Dynamite Kid & Curt Hennig)

Team Brainbusters: *Co-Captains* Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard, The (Macho) King’s Court (Royal Knight, Royal Bishop, & Royal Rook)

(Knight = Butch Reed, Bishop = Bill Eadie, Rook = Hercules, all masked)

The Macho King will be disappointed, because Hayes & Muraco’s team manage to eliminate all three masked men to start off the match. Left by themselves, Arn & Tully use dirty tactics to pick through the opposing team, including blinding Michael Hayes with powder. First Rich, then Dynamite, then Hennig, then Muraco! The Brainbusters eliminate them all! Clearly injured, Hayes is left alone, but he tries to fight through squinted eyes, and nearly pulls off the upset. But eventually, Tully Blanchard hits Hayes with a punishing Piledriver, putting him away. The Brainbusters survive!

Roddy’s Rowdies vs The Heenan Family

Roddy’s Rowdies: *Captain* Roddy Piper, Jerry Lawler, Sgt. Slaughter, Brutus Beefcake, & Jimmy Snuka

The Heenan Family: *Captain* Andre The Giant, Paul Orndoff, King Kong Bundy, Haku, & Rick Rude

Andre is dominating to start, eliminating Beefcake & Snuka single handedly. But when Andre gets his hands around heated rival Piper’s throat, he makes the mistake of throwing down the referee when the ref tries to break it up. Andre gets himself DQ’ed, thus Heenan Family loses their big time advantage! Roddy’s Rowdies then eliminate Haku & Rude, gaining the advantage. Orndoff rolls up Slaughter with his feet on the ropes. Lawler puts away his rival Bundy with the classic Fist Drop off the second rope. Bundy drags Lawler from the ring and the two brawl, leading to Lawler getting Counted Out. Down to one on one, Piper wins it when he snatches the brass knuckles Bobby Heenan tries to slip in to Orndoff. Mr. Wonderful is knocked out cold with one punch, and the referee never caught Piper! Hot Rod is the Sole Survivor!

The Main Event!
WWF World Heavyweight Championship Match!
“Macho King” Randy Savage ( C ) vs “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan

The epic rematch finally happens, after Hogan was robbed of his WWF Title back at Summerslam. And you know what? It goes down awfully similar! Hogan rallies back in the epic counter. The barrage of fists, off the ropes goes Savage, and Hogan drops him with the Big Boot! Hogan calls for the Leg Drop! Wait, here’s the King’s Court, the loyal followers of the Macho King! Savage’s masked court members climb onto the apron, and Hogan knocks them all off!

Hogan goes off the ropes and hits the Leg Drop! BOOM! He hits it! Hogan goes to cover, but there! It’s the masked man from Summer Slam! The man in all black who cost Hogan the WWF Title! The masked man begins to attack Hogan, leaving the referee no choice but to call for the Disqualification! Hogan has been robbed again!

His job done, the mysterious masked man tries to escape, but Hogan grabs him before he can race off! Hogan clobbers him! Hogan has him by the mask! Hulk rips it off! It’s….it’s….Vince McMahon??!! The Owner of the WWF is the one who screwed Hogan?! But why?! Enraged, Hogan continues to clobber McMahon all over the ring, until finally members of the King’s Court manage to pull Vince out of the ring! The Macho Kingdom (with Vince) then escape up the aisle. Savage is in the middle of them all, the WWF World Title raised high! Hogan is left all alone in the ring, completely baffled.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we just witnessed the biggest screwjob in the history of professional wrestling! Vince McMahon, President of WWF, has screwed Hulk Hogan, the man who made the WWF what it is today!
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