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Originally Posted by Sco xY2Jx View Post
Thoroughly enjoyed reading all of that, fella. Awesome write-up.
Would enjoy more updates from you in future.
Thanks, would do a Diary here on the boards if I had the time. Have to settle for writing up the major PPVs in my games.

Originally Posted by crackerjack View Post
Really dug this as well. Looks like we're getting USWA Vince early eh?
Yeah, Vince is too good of an entertainer not to be put to good use. Plus, his announcing stats aren't very good anyway. Not exactly sure where I'm going with the McMahon - Savage alliance, just going with the flow. I know McMahon will continue feuding with Hogan no matter where I go, kind of like a jealously angle that Hogan gets all the credit for turning WWF into what it is (ala 2003).
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