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On to the Rumble!

Pre-show saw AC Conner (D'lo) take care of the Brawler, and Edge get the pin in the six man. Think I have a plan for he and Christian when they get called up, probably most Mania.

Bulldog/Razor surprisingly (or disappointingly) put up MOTN in the opener. Vader runs in and destroys Razor to give Bulldog the victory. Bulldog sneaks away again thanks to interference, and I'll probably give him a fill-in opponent for February's IYH. All of this losing will start to get to Razor soon.

Ahmed finally gets rid of Backlund for good by crushing him in 5 minutes. Ahmed's on the upswing. Don't have him spot finalized for Mania yet, but I've got a feeling about where he'll end up.

Austin takes care of the PPV-debuting Ron Simmons to retain thanks to Jeff Jarrett. The idea for Jarrett is that he's trying to get into the MDC or Camp Cornette, but neither really want him. I don't like Jarrett. Ron is the All-American gimmick, straight from WCW. Both men were off their game, so this one kinda flopped. Simmons will face off with Jarrett at Feb's IYH, and Austin will put up another defence.

Sid is starting to turn face, with the idea that Ted is starting to fall behind on his salary. He's scheduled to turn face at Mania.

Brain and Brawn beat the Steiners for the belts with a dirty finish. Weird, Dean nailed Rick with a clipboard right in front of the refs, and he didn't call for a DQ. What happened there? MDC don't care - new champs!

The ROYAL RRUMMBLEEE saw HBK get the win, last eliminating Owen. Razor lasted the longest, Vader eliminated the most. Unoriginal booking, but I'm confident Shawn will put up great match grades (which is more than I can say about Diesel). Who will Shawn face?

Bret beat Diesel to win the belt. I consider myself a fan of Nash, but he just can't put up the match grades that I need from a champ. He turned heel on the go-home show without a complaint (yes!). I was real worried that he would refuse. This also means that he's now a bad figurehead (rad), which means that he's probably going to get dropped from the spot.

Bret/HBK is penciled in for Mania. Again, not creative, but I know it will deliver. Expect some shady stuff to happen here. It's almost like some groundwork has already been laid...

I purchased the UWA for a half a million, and we jump 20 points in Mexico. We've a PPV deal now, and are set up a better TV deal at the end of next month.

HHH and Sunny have tension now - which is not good. Sunny is turning people against HHH, and likewise. The revenge of Bam Bam (who may get fired soon). The problem is that HHH now has a long list of folks against him. Not a lot of important people, but, still, a sizable amount.

Going to bite the bullet and drop Diesel from his figurehead spot. His heel turn finally turned him into a negative influence on business. I fired Marty Jannety cause the list of people against was just too long. I'm going to drop him right now - I'll edit in the reaction.

EDIT: He's cool with it! Mission accomplished.
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