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Thursday, Week 1, October, 2012

WWE Superstars (Live from the Avron B. Fogelman Arena (LA), 3,569 in Attendance)

Pre-Show: Layla versus Aksana
In a bout that had solid in-ring action but not much in the way of heat, Layla defeated Aksana in 17:37 by pinfall with a Face Lift. Aksana was visibly tiring towards the end of this match.
Match Rating: D

Pre-Show: IC Champion Kofi Kingston & R-Truth versus JTG & Michael McGillicutty
In a match that had some good action but not much in the way of heat, Kofi Kingston & R- Truth defeated JTG & McGillicutty in 17:39 when Kofi Kingston defeated Michael McGillicutty by pinfall with a Trouble in Paradise. Despite picking up the victory for his team, Kofi Kingston was really off his game tonight. It looks as though the tag team of Kofi and Truth may be finished now that Kofi Kingston is the Intercontinental Champion as Kofi seemed more preoccupied with his title defence this Sunday at the Hell in a Cell Pay-Per-View against the former Intercontinental Champion, the Miz.
Match Rating: C

Pre-Show: Sin Cara versus Johnny Curtis
In a match that had some good action but not much in the way of heat, Sin Cara defeated Johnny Curtis in 18:30 by pinfall with a La Mística. This match was too long given who was involved, with many people still not really knowing too much about the weird character that is Johnny Curtis.
Match Rating: C

The Uso’s versus Team Rhodes Scholars
In a match that had some good action but not much in the way of heat, Team Rhodes Scholars defeated The Uso's in 8:28 when Cody Rhodes defeated Jey Uso by pinfall with a Cross Rhodes. Jey Uso was really off his game tonight which may have led to Rhodes hitting Jey with the Cross Rhodes to win the match for his team. If Rhodes is able to do the same to either Kane or Daniel Bryan this Sunday at the Hell in a Cell Pay-Per-View then Team Rhodes Scholars will become the new WWE Tag Team Champions.
Match Rating: C

We are treated to highlights of the main event of this past August’s WWE Summerslam Pay-Per-View, as the Corporate Operations Officer of the WWE, Triple H, took on Brock Lesnar in a match that was billed as the “Perfect Storm”. Vivid highlights of the match are shown, and the finish to the match in which Brock Lesnar broke the arm of Triple H and may well have ended the Game’s in-ring career is shown in seven different angles, as well as in super slow-motion. Triple H can be heard in the background of the highlights saying that he knew his arm was broken as soon as Lesnar applied the torque to the arm bar and that he honestly doesn’t know if he will ever compete inside a WWE ring again. An interview with the mastermind behind Brock Lesnar’s success, Paul Heyman, is then aired in which he says that Triple H got exactly what he deserved for daring to cross Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman, and that now Paul Heyman is aligned with CM Punk, there is nothing stopping CM Punk from becoming the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time. Paul Heyman says that he has always brought immediate success to everyone that has aligned themselves with him and that this Sunday at the WWE Hell in a Cell Pay-Per-View CM Punk will defeat Ryback inside Hell in a Cell to retain his WWE Championship, just as he defeated John Cena this past week on Monday Night RAW.
Rating: B

Trent Barreta and Yoshi Tatsu versus Hunico and Camacho
In an extremely short match, Trent & Yoshi defeated Hunico & Camacho in 3:06 when Trent Barreta defeated Camacho by pinfall with a Gobstopper Knee. Although this was admittedly a very quick match, the newly formed tag team of Trent Barreta and Yoshi Tatsu showed great signs as a tag team, making quick work of the more experienced team of Hunico and Camacho, leading to Josh Mathews saying on commentary that with a few more victories under their belt, people would have to start sitting up and paying attention to Trent Barreta and Yoshi Tatsu.
Match Rating: D

We are shown highlights of the contest from last week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown in which both Sheamus and the Big Show hit their signature manoeuvres on a punch bag that was hooked up to a computer measuring the exact force of the different moves. In this contest, it was judged that the Big Show’s Knock Out Punch is almost twice as powerful as the World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus’ Brogue Kick. This Sunday at the Hell in a Cell Pay-Per-View Sheamus and the Big Show will go one on one for the very first time with Sheamus’ World Heavyweight Championship on the line. We are then shown touts from both Sheamus and the Big Show, Sheamus saying that he is looking forward to facing the Big Show this Sunday and the Big Show saying that he has had enough of people laughing at him and he is ready to start knocking people out, beginning tomorrow night on Friday Night SmackDown when the Big Show will team with Alberto Del Rio to take on the team of Sheamus and Randy Orton. Touts from Orton and Del Rio are then shown, with Orton saying that he will prove this Sunday that he is the real Apex Predator and a tout from Del Rio saying that he will make the Viper extinct this Sunday.
Rating: B

Santino Marella and Zack Ryder versus The Prime Time Players
In a match that had some good action but not much in the way of heat, Team CoBro defeated Prime Time Players in 8:29 when Santino Marella defeated Titus O'Neil by pinfall with the Cobra. Abraham Washington returned to ringside with the Prime Time Players tonight after not being seen for almost a month. Despite AW’s presence, Santino and Ryder were still able to get the win with Santino looking good heading into his US title shot this Sunday.
Match Rating: C

Post-Show: Alex Riley versus Abraham Washington
In a bout that had solid in-ring action but non-existent crowd heat, Alex Riley defeated Abraham Washington in 12:44 by pinfall with a Spiked DDT. AW took off his suit following the main event to compete in this match but the Prime Time Players did not stay around to support him for it.
Match Rating: D-

Post-Show: Non-Title: United States Champion Antonio Cesaro versus Ezekiel
In a match that had some good action but non-existent crowd heat, Antonio Cesaro defeated Ezekiel in 12:39 by pinfall with a Swiss Death. Cesaro picked up a victory heading into his title defence against Santino this Sunday.
Match Rating: D-

Final Show Rating: C

Prediction League Table:

SteenBTW: 3/5
Smasher1311: 1/3
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