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Funny to see this seeing as I went above and beyond to acquire the greatest boxing game ever just this week. Well you will need a region free PS2. So a modded PS2 or a Japanese PS2. I highly suggest getting a modded PS2 though. I'll tell you, slot has changed. When I was 14 years old here in NYC I'd take my console down to Chinatown and they had 3 different video game stores all on Elizabeth street. Two were small little places within an indoor two floor mall. These gaming places were flanked by all kinds of places. Alot of places specialized in imported VHS. Sometimes NJPW and AJPW VHS but more so anime. This was before Dragon Ball had a US show. Crazy and fun times. I'd go there any time a new Fire Pro Wrestling came out. I can still remember perfectly buying my first ever fire pro game down there. It was 6 man scramble. Anyway out of the mall this much bigger store called J and L gaming and they had everything and even old consoles and games and rare stuff and I'd go up to the counter and ask them to mod my console to be region free and it seemed like this secret operation LOL. Well now you just go to Ebay.

I still have my first gen PS2 fat body with the mod chip for region free. Somehow it still works but just barely. So I bought a modded PS2 and its insane. 100s of games from all kinds of consoles and arcades loaded you dont need any disc to play. Insane amounts of memory. Incredible. So I cant recommend it enough.

When you get the region free PS2 you them pick up Victorious Boxers 2 Victorious Road. Its very important you get the Japanese Victorious Boxers 2 Victorious Road because there are 3 versions of Victorious Boxers 2 a USA an Australian and a Japanese. The USA and Australian DO NOT have the mode that makes it the greatest boxing game of all time. Dont get either of those by mistake. Not to mention the USA and Australian are pretty easy to find. The Japanese not so much.

Now Victorious Boxers 2 has this career mode. You design your character head to toe and his fighting style and all that. Listen, you have to manage every aspect of your fighters life. His every day training. His diet. You literally have to deal with his freaking Amino Acid intake !! Seriously! And first you fight amateur until you get your license to be a professional boxer.

Now let's say you have picked America as where your character is from (you can pick America, UK, Korea, Thailand and japan maybe somewhere else too and after you pick the country you pick which gym to join which also will determine which city your from. So if you're from the USA for instance, any of you familiar with boxing as serious fans, you should know about the regional titles the NABA the NABO the NABF. You start of course 0-0 after you turn pro. You can basically video scout potential opponents and see their actual fight with whomever in the boxing world they fought. Eventually you will crack the top 20 of one of the sanctioning bodies, now as far as I went I actually never did challenge for any of the regional titles because as I came closer to the top of those rankings I cracked into one of the primary international sanctioning bodies, the WBA, WBC, IBF or WBO. Yes you can unify the titles. Some of those organizations even have a "super championship" which is awarded to you when you have basically if you're a dominant champion who successfully defends his titles you will be awarded the super championship.

You can of course via dieting go up and down weight classes. Also when you begin you have to decide which year your career starts and this is cool because in the game you will face some guys based on real people if you're active when they were. I cant remember all of them. I know for sure theres a Muhammad Ali. I think Tyson. Larry Holmes. There are a bunch. Jack Dempsey. And of course you watch their careers go up and down too and at different weight classes you will see Sugar Ray Robinson, Hagler, Hearns lots of guys and also fictional guys from punch out appear. Vodka Drunkenski aka Soda Popinski. Super Macho Man. Mr. Sandman and more.

It's cool too because before every title fight the champion and challengers national anthem plays while the camera focuses on the country flag and you. And there's an insane number of countries represented. Your choices are limited but the countries are in the game anyway. And I think you can pick them for created fighters outside of career mode because yes there are a bunch of other modes.

Now this career mode is awesome and incredible but its one mode of several. On the other hand there is a Japanese PS1 game called Boxers Road which is alot older than Victorious Boxers 2 (1995 I think) but its hyper focused on the career mode which is like the VB2 one but on steroids to a degree. You do need a PS1 memory card if you get a modded PS2 and intend to play Boxers road.

But the ultimate boxing game and from what I can see the favorite of the hybrid man who is one part boxing fanatic one part gamer psycho has got to be the sequel to Boxers Road, "Boxers Road 2: The Real". This is believe it or not a PSP game BUT ALL PSP games are region free ALL. The movies they make for PSP are not but all games are so it doesnt matter if you have a UK PSP USA PSP or Japanese PSP.

So if Boxers Road 1 was VB2 career mode on steroids then Boxers Road 2 is like that except on Bane level steroids or Captain America super soldier serum levels.

Now you may think to yourself it sounds all good but you cant read Katakana, Kanji etc. etc. Well friends that too is ok because the majority of these games were made in English for whatever reason. Much of the menus and everything are in English. What parts are not are very easy to navigate with basic common sense and the very few times there are legit hold ups due to alphabetical barriers there are tons of resources online to help you. If you deep dive into it you'll likely find people have uploaded pre made diets and training routines for specialized fighters (outside boxer, counter puncher, KO artist, super heavyweight (or as they were called in Primo Carneras day, Super Dreadnought class [yes they classified bigger than average heavyweights with the same word used to describe a ,massive battle ship and there was even briefly a super dreadnought title. I even created one in a previous TEW game lol.] and so many other types.) I mean its not such a big issue as it used to be

So I cant recommend those games enough. Yes you will have to hop skip and jump to make it happen but its definitely worth it. There are small communities dedicated to the games, places folks are willing to help out. If you look into the games I do believe you will consistently see people saying "greatest boxing game ever."

Out of the Park Developments Title Bout Boxing... I mean I dont know that it's really so much a game as it is more a pure simulator. The community has been dead for a long time. The original creators I dont think are involved any more, there is a guy who bought the IP and the thing with TBB is they said for decades they would have a RPG style career mode and they talked about a TBB v 3 but the forum is a no mans land. Some time ago the new owner went to defend the game and the plans of a career mode and talked about how he loved the game and why he bought the IP but that was a while ago and the main page I think its last update was like 2014. Idk but unless you're a true boxing lunatic like me who would take entertainment value out of pure simulation extremely pure simulation I dont know if its everyones cup of tea.

There is a game out there also that you can get on steam I believe it's called Universal Boxing Manager. The game had incredible promise. It was coming from german developers. Unfortunately they abandoned the project after putting alot of work in. They wound up bringing it up to a point that is just playable but you can see they left so much on the table. Still it can be fun.

Anyway I hope to hear at least someone took my advice and got one of the games and let's me know what they think
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