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Default Bulls on Parade (Chicago Bulls 1984 onwards)

A Chicago Bulls Dynasty

I've recently purchased the game and thought I'd give a dynasty thread a whirl. I can see that the community here is pretty much gone, but hopefully the few of you out there enjoy the story of my game. This is my first real game so I'm sure there will be plenty of mistakes and errors along the way.

I start in 1984 with the Chicago Bulls - fresh off picking up the hotly rated Michael Jordan, who will wear the #17.

My goals for this game are as follows:
  • Win an NBA Championship during the 1980's
  • Win more than 6 Championships before the year 2000

A few notes; at this early stage my trading style is probably best described as "reactive" as I'm not actively chasing trades - I want to slowly build the team up properly and not ruin the harmony and cohesion by changing too much too soon. That's not to say I won't do any trades, but it will likely be trying to trade up in the early drafts as we build and moving around parts of Jordan's support. It's also worth noting that the colour ratings in my game go 'red-amber-green-blue-silver-gold' so don't be alarmed that the colours don't match the default settings.

Enjoy the ride.
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