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I didn't want to make any changes to the side early on, figuring that it's best to find out what really needs changing and where we really need to improve before making any moves.

This is our starting roster; ranked by current ability:

As you can see, we have a really good side to start the season - no duds and I wouldn't be surprised if we made the playoffs without making any wholesale changes.

It's clear that the star will be Jordan but I fully expect both Woolridge and Dailey to be very good for us. We're well stocked for Power Forwards on the bench but without many options at Small Forward.

We went into the preseason with decent expectactions and found pretty good results with our starting five being:

C: #43 Johnson
PF: #35 Woolridge
SF: #17 Jordan
SG: #20 Dailey
PG: #1 Matthews

Woolridge scored an average of 26.8 pts; with Jordan on 23.8 and Dailey at 20.5. We were quietly confident of a playoff berth and maybe even a challenge for the Central Division title.

The NBA made their predictions for each division:

Atlantic: Boston Celtics
Central: Atlanta Hawks (Bulls at #2)
Midwest: Dallas Mavericks
Pacific: Los Angeles Lakers

Jordan was predicted to make both the All-Rookie and All-League teams.
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