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I'm currently working on a small project, something that if I need to stop quickly then I can.

I have been working on a new Tag Team name file which I'm going to eventually add to RWC, but also release as a standalone file you can import into your own games.

I got kind of fed up seeing names in Japan, Mexico etc for teams that you never would in real life. I'm going to try to add as many tag team names as I can, but try to keep the names unique to specific areas.

I am also going to make sure you don't see a couple of Luchadors called Dominance as I feel if you hear the name Dominance it would throw the image of a couple of big brawlers up in your head, so wrestler styles are going to be heavily edited as to which style of wrestler can use each tag name.

Example: Crazy Chaos is probably a name you could use anywhere with most styles, however a team name like The Bruisers would mainly be Brawlers from US/UK/Canada and Australia. I've also deleted some of the names that I didn't like and hated seeing pop up.

I know it might not be helpful in terms of updating, but I am still in no mindset to be doing anything too taxing.
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