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- Death following a big surgery with a minor yet fatal mistake
- Unknown hereditary heart defect catches up
- Dying on a camping trip after eating poisened muchrooms
- Multiple worker death dying in plain crash
- Sudden career ending, later death: diagnose of cancer
- Watched "Best of Team 3D" DVD, bored to death
- Drown to death while being drunk / drugged

- Caught with drugs in Thailand, long term jail time
- For attacking a promoter
- For stabbing a colleague
- For bringing bullfrogs to Australia, damaging their eco system
- For shooting a protected, rare animal

Fights / Backstage stuff
- Old guy beats up young guy, who doesn't want to let him sit
- Small guy with legimate beats up over****y big guy ("The infamous Goldberg angle")
- Promoter get his nose punched for letting a super star lose against an arch enemy or a young guy
- Young overpushed guy gets beaten up for getting too ****y
- Idiot mistreats groupie or woman on the roster for bad press
- Over****y guy babbles openly about critical topics, causing bad press and lower morale
- Fight about a girl or a break up with another guys sister

Character Changing Events
- Big love leaves the worker => screws up his perspection on life
- Getting "re-born"
- Near Death Experience causing new view on life
- Sudden career ending humbles or screws up someones personality
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