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Originally Posted by DAVEFAN95 View Post
I completely agree with you BHK but i can probably come up with a few reasons as to why the boards are dead

For one, TEW and WMMA releases bring an influx of "casual fans" (for lack of a better name) so they see the new release, and jump back into the forum to get the news and participate in the hype. So there is a brief 10 months - a year period where the boards are buzzing cause of the new game release. So, diaries do well during this period and the board has a lot of updates due to it. We dont have that right now, sure WMMA came out recently, but that games fanbase is very much mod and play with little interaction with the board and although it isnt all WMMA fans that are like that i do think they dont stay on the boards. So right now the boards are in the down part of the cycle

Second, people dont have the attention span anymore. Even if they're playing tew, they probably have netflix on, texting a friend and also have another console on the fly (I do this most of the time) so they really dont "have the time" to sit down and read walls of text, which i do understand. Life is so go go go nowadays that it may seem like wasting a day if they are on the boards for extended periods.

Three, theres a lot of lurkers around the board who rarely post, but read different threads and diaries because they enjoy them. They go back and read old diaries (which i do a lot), read new diaries, see what the WWE thread is saying, maybe go into general discussions and once theyve all their threads read they leave and thats how they like to do things.

I do think its a real shame as there are many diaries and discussions going on here that deserve more recognition.
I lurk a lot. I still talk privately with some people who have been here a long time and they have stopped posting for their own reasons. Mine is mainly because of attitude from some. I won’t be scared away, but I won’t engage with adults who throw temper tantrums.
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