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Unread 01-27-2017, 08:00 AM
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Unhappy it's sad that you could not continue this game...


I think It's sad you can continue this projet because your game was great with very good ideas and more original than many other game and it's now in steam with many people...

Technicaly I think I was a good idea and very original to use a database has Access to make a game (I like this software to build easly database)...

I like modding game to create game with subject which did not exist unfortunatly as (UFO japan anime ' 80 days Robot, Harlock Captaine Future games never exist....) and I think you game was the better to modding (see my web site : in french unfortunatly).

I will try to continue a mod with your game about this subject and continue to hope one day you will improve your game or make an add-one..

Best regards,
Christophe alias actarus1969
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