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Originally Posted by kobelee View Post
To rule out a sequel to CBH would be foolhardy (Not that Adam ever said that).And I don't say that to insult and/or antagonize Adam in any way,I am a HUGE fan of his games,it's just that here we are in mid 2017,and with Marvel and DC movies making big money,and new and current superhero tv series out there,Comic Book love is big right now and having a idea that is original and one of a kind with this kind of potential,it would seem just plain silly to let CBH die.I know Adam is a busy dude,but a sequel HAS to be on his list for the future.CBH just needs more.Storylines,Villains who not only do random crimes,but also come after family/friends.Real archvillain crap lol.And of course in the future a villain mode (Expansion Pack?)with minions,plots to take over the world,etc.Sort of like what City Of Heroes (R.I.P.) did.More non cape/regular citizen events,relationship depth, more depth overall.I'm telling you there's a franchise here to be made.Potentially could be even bigger than the TEW franchise.I know it takes time Adam,and we fans love ya big guy.Just don't let CBH die,please.
I totally agree that a sequel could be a massive hit. I wish Adam had minions.
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