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Originally Posted by Doogshere View Post
I switched to numbers, and the popularity has either dropped or stayed the same since the beginning of the game. I'm running a show a week and an event a month. The game has been getting me to tour throughout USA with my shows and events, hitting every region. Should I ignore that and stick to one or two? (I'm at regional level)
At regional, it's definitely a bad idea to tour the entire US.

To get to Cult you only need to be popular in two regions. So My usual tactic is to pick two, and stick to them until you're near Cult (47%/D+) and then spread out from there. You probably don't want to move up to Cult until you've got a decent base an a bit of cash, because in terms of finances it's one of the hardest jumps in the game to make.

My advice would be stick to two areas until you can consistently make a profit from running shows there, and then spread out to other regions (coming back 'home' every now and then to make up for the losses you make on your other shows).
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