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Lightbulb some few but important lack for modding as heros images..


I have already post this mail in brain storming item but I could add a new point important to add to the game but I think your game has a good potentiel :

1) I would like to customize also the name of monster (just by modifiying and text file) as we can change the picture of the file (and in the future change his caracteristics has hability etc...)

2) As above message, I would like an image of heroes we can change (in the game as hero's name) and also the picture in the folder...

For the other point It could be for the future...

Best regards,

I think (just play at the demo) it's a good game but for me IT LACKS IMAGES (which can be custom as the other for modding) FOR HEROES you can control...
So for this reason for the moment I will not buy the game (but I bought Comic heroes the greatest cape).

I think also the fight will be better with heros images against foes image.

I think also you could add (as all the grey dog software lack ) an option to make real time fight as choose type off attack or movement (up, right...).
Even If it's a "novel game" you can do real time fight..but it's only and idea..

Best regards,
Sorry for my bad English but I am french
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