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So I booked my second USPW TV show and in-spite of me thinking it was booked poorly when compared to the first I actually got a better grade! Shows that I really have to learn this stuff.

{Pre-Show} Jumbo Jackson defeats Andre Jones (C-)
{Pre-Show} Dusty Ducont defeats Freddie Datsun (C-) {Work the Crowd}

Modern TV Opening: Rick Law, The Force, Chris Caulifield, Rich Money, Trent Shaffer, T-Rex (B)
*Law comes out to complain about Shaffer running away from him and ducking him. Caulifield interrupts and says Law is not the only one with problems as Rich Money has been "buying" opponents for him instead of facing him by himself. Money comes out with Shaffer and they mock the babyfaces for being crybabies. T-Rex attacks from behind and the heels hit the ring for a 3-on-2 until The Force runs out to even the odds and we get a match*

3 vs 3: Money, Shaffer, T-Rex defeat Law, Caulifield, Force (B-) {Story-telling}
*Cheap win as everything breaks down into a big brawl and Money holds the tights on Caulifield to escape with the win. Law chases Shaffer backstage, Money leaves before Caulifield can get his revenge*

Monsters Unleashed (B-)
*Force is left alone in the ring with Rex and tries to get his revenge! He is about to make Rex feel the FOOOORCE but Tyson Baine hits the ring and boots him in the face. Brutal 2-on-1 beatdown ensues and Force is left down and out*

Casey Valentine defeats Julius Moor (C-) to retain the TV Title {Calm Crowd}
*Valentine wins in five minutes*

Valentine then cuts a promo on himself saying he is the best young talent in the business and no one can beat him (C+)

Steve Frehley destroys Running Wolf in 5 minutes (C-)

Nicky Champion saves Wolf from a beatdown. He staggers Frehley multiple times but is unable to bring him down (B)

Rich Money cuts a promo on Caulifield backstage. He says Caulifield is alone because there are no more Patriots. All patriots sold out to people with the big bucks like him and he knows deep down inside Caulifield has a price. (B+)

Backstage Rick Law continues to chase Shaffer since the beginning of the show. He sees a door close and follows thinking its Shaffer, but Shaffer was hiding behind some boxes and attacks him from behind, eventually stealing Law's nightstick and beating him down with it. (B-)

Natural Storm defeat Atlas and Charlie Thatcher in 5 minutes (C) {Calm the Crowd}

Tiffany Jade & Killer Kass defeat Melody & Miss American Pie in 7 minutes (D+)

Kass then destroys Melody (Monster Unleashed) (D)
*Note: designed to make Kass into a contender but it failed because her gimmick sucks at the moment*

James Justice defeats Tribal Warrior in 8 minutes (C) {Work the Crowd}

Justice then cuts a promo saying he has not forgotten about the USPW Title but has decided to give his friend Nicky Champion the space he needs to settle his beef with Frehley. Once the dust settles he will be next in line. (B-)

Backstage Nicky Champion cuts a promo on Steve Frehley. The People's Champion will vanquish the beast and reclaim his title. He will defeat Tyson Baine in the main event and become the rightful #1 contender. (A) *WOW*

Steve Frehley walks...but where is he going? (B-)

Nicky Champion defeats Tyson Baine in 15 minutes to become #1 contender/ (B) {Story-telling}

Frehley's music plays and Champion turns to face him but Frehley comes from the crowd and beats him up from behind. He beats Champion down with such fury even Tyson Baine walks off quietly from the ring. (B+)

Got a B overall, best show I have ever booked with USPW in the history of the TEW series!

So, any tips on those booking notes. What could have been done differently to improve the grade?
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