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First let me say, I that I love your mod! It corrects a lot of things other mods seem to be missing...However, you have made a few mistakes...

Bayley should have the "Happy-Go-Lucky" Gimmick
Emma Should be split up with Zack Ryder
Zack Ryder should be dating Chelsea Green
James Ellsworth should have the "Sidekick" gimmick
Kurt Angle should have the "Authority Figure" gimmick
Mickie James should have the "Bitter Veteran" gimmick
Shinsuke Nakamura should have the "Unique Charismatic" gimmick

Also, may I ask on how Finn Balor is more popular than The Miz? Balor seems to be a B+ and Miz is only a B. It seems Balor would be a B maybe?

Oh, and is there a reason why you include three different picture packs?

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