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That's what I'm trying to figure out right now. After that happened, I can't really justify immediately opening up a new fed. I'm sure after reading the opening thread to this dynasty, you guys can figure out where I ultimately want to end up. For those not sure, I won't go right out and say my direction though.

I will say that I've simmed up past January 2001. The "issue" I've run into with WCW is that they're a very solid company. Despite their crashes that are put into this mod, they are an extremely wealthy company after I had built them up since the start of the game in 1998. For some reason, I thought the narrative built into this mod would have caused Ted Turner to go out of ownership, but that doesn't happen.

So I have a few directions I can choose to go because I don't want this to end, but I'll have to play it out. I will give an update as to what's taking place in the game world, but as of right now, and somewhat true to life, Eric Bischoff is unemployed from June 2000 to what is now about March 2001.
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