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...Saturday April 19th, 1984...'s 11:30pm and WRAL-TV in Raleigh, NC is broadcasting another episode of JCP's Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling...

The show opens with announcers Bob Caudle and David Crockett welcoming all the Mid-Atlantic fans to another exciting hour of wrestling action...but this time from a completely redesigned and much more modern set!

David Crockett: "That's right Bob and we have a special guest...MACW promoter, and my brother, Jim Crockett!"

Jim Crockett Jr., enters the studio to a mix of polite applause, rude heckles and a smattering of outright boos from fans unhappy about the companies recent decline...

Jim Crockett: "As you all surely know, the wrestling landscape is changing...and I am committed to bringing all of you the very best competition, not just from the NWA, but from the entire wrestling world. And to prove it, I would like to introduce two of the newest acquisitions here in MACW, a pair of well respected champions no less...

From off-screen enters the current AWA Light Heavyweight champion "Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal! The crowd is only mildly amused...

Steve Regal brings the AWA Light Heavyweight title...and the Mid-Atlantic

Steve Regal: "Thank you Mister Crockett. I can't tell you how excited I am to be here wrestling in front of the best fans in America!"

Jim Crockett then goes on to air a pre-recorded promo from the second new acquisition to MACW...PNW Heavyweight champion "Easy" Ed Wiskowski!

Not as humble as Steve Regal, "Easy" Ed promises to dominate MACW starting with his first appearance next week

After a quick commercial, the scene returns to the studio were Regal is being interviewed by David Crockett and Bob Caudle in front of a restless studio audience. The mood of the crowd picks up when Regal is joined by one of the few genuine stars left in MACW, Wahoo McDaniel!

McDaniel barely begins to speak when suddenly a pair of men burst out from the back and attack both McDaniel and Regal. The two attack from behind and absolutely destroy the fan favorites before heading over to David Crockett and getting on the microphone...

The Varsity Club, Kevin Sullivan and Steve Williams, make a grand entrance to the Mid-Atlantic territory

Kevin Sullivan: "Jim Crockett, you want to tell everybody that Mid-Atlantic wrestling is the best in the country, then I hope you got your checkbook ready, 'cuz my partner "Dr. Death" and I ARE the best in America and the world baby...and we don't work cheap!"

...JCP has made it's move to become one of the top tier players in the US wrestling scene...will it lead to a resurgence for the once powerful Carolina territory...or too little too late?

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