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Light Heavyweight

-The champion, Lawrence Herringborne, narrowly defeated the former champion, Spencer Rubenstein, by split decision. Spencer wants a immediate rematch in the near future
-The Self proclaimed three musketeers are three light heavyweights who are future champions. These are The 25 year old Marlon John, Calgary’s Mike Watson, and the ‘Live Wire’ Anthony LeToussier
- Other contender consist of the kid of Legendary Hollywood Star Brad Heath, Ricky Heath, Former Light Heavyweight champion Linfield Ballerd, Junior Patinkin, and ‘The Gambler’ Kendall Tracy
-Though this is a extremely stacked division, multiple people arnt doing good in the division
- Two Vets, Bill Cuming and Bryan Van Den Hauwe (BDVH) are both respectively 37 and 33, Pretty old compared to 26 year old Lawrence Hereingborne and 25 year old Marlon John
- Derek South, Ken Peters, Christian Mountfield, and especially John Rivero, all have losing streaks ranging from 2 loses to 5 (!) All 4 are in danger of being cut

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