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-The Middleweight champion, Matthew Dean, is pretty much unstoppable. He is the current P4P world #1 ranking, and has defeated all but one of his contender who we will get to in a sec
- The number #3 ranked GAMMA fighter, Neil Napier, has been grinding to get his rematch against Matthew Dean. His training regime is pretty much all about Matthew Deans one weakness (All types of kicks in MMA (which is a weird weakness)
- Braulio Moura is the only contender that has never faced off with Dean. Moura is the man that beat Ashley Ballerd Undefeated streak, destroyed “Next big thing” Carl Ratchliffe, The current #3 middlewight in the world, and former FLB Middleweight champion for over three years before he had to vacate it to join GAMMA.
-Other contenders consist of Osmosis Been, Scary looking Sutton Ripley, JJ Reid, Petey Mack, And Buddy Garner
-Adam White, and Tora Mizwar are the future stars of the division
-Woody Fierstein, Maarten De Vries, and Dexter Darling are in trouble of being cut

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