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-Bobby Brubaker got a huge win knocking out Julio Regueiro which injured his nose. Though Julio has healed, he has past the chance to ask for a fight as the Smacktalking Nathen Chambers took his chance.
-Said by Matt Tripp as the “Brazilian Megastar” Gabriel Gallego is a great fighter. He has defeated The now retired Peter Bracewill, and the gritty Lloyd McAllister in brutal style. Though many MMA analysts have shown that Gabriel was unable to defeat the FLB Welterweight champion (Charles Stiles) Many say he will become the next Gladstone Lopes
-Other contenders consist of Rufus Stephens, 17-1 Josh Aldarisio, Smashmouth Jack Humphreys, Underated Alan Kendall, and ‘The Bloodmaster’ Darin Blood

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