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COTT World Heavyweight Championship
Chill versus “The Evolution” Primus Allen © w/ Lisa Bowen
Chill? Seriously?

The Tag Team Specialists versus “The Cornerstone” Riley McManus and Jeffrey Aroma
Guessing this is some kind of Joel Bryant retirement angle, or you need a justification to set up Riley's next three title matches. Knowing you're short on top babyfaces, this is probably an excuse to give good guys lower on the card a shot

“The Assassin of the Squared Circle” Ernest Youngman versus “The Czech Destroyer” Petr Novak
Poor Petr... And you thought you'd grow up to be a monster heel

COTT World Tag Team Championship
The Fly Boys versus The Ring Generals © w/ Lisa Bowen
Pretty fly for a white guy

“The Hawaiian Strongman” Ekuma versus Keith Holly w/ February Malaise
Tough call, but I think Ekuma is more over and maybe more skilled at this point

“The Canadian Wrestling Machine” David Stone versus Frantic Ali
Think you meant to say 'Jobbing Ali'
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