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Joel Bryant and Robert Oxford are in front of the camera. Neither man looks happy.

Robert, "It has recently been brought to my attention the demands of Riley McManus. He is holding the Rocky Mountain Heavyweight Championship hostage for an opportunity to wrestle with Joel's career on the line. He believes that I, as match maker for this organization, have rewarded people close to me with undue opportunities. I was hoping that at Christmas Chaos, when Joel and I defeated he and his lackey Aroma, he would embrace the humility that had made him so popular here. I was wrong. I underestimated the arrogance that Riley has.

"I have spoken at length with Joel and now I will turn it over to Joel -- since Riley's demands centered on him."

Robert stops speaking and turns to Joel. Joel takes a long moment.

Joel, "For thirty-one years I have been involved in this business. I've wrestled all over the world. Held Champions. Proven myself. I've done it all. Riley, I was wrestling when you were coming out of your mama. I was a star when you were starting school. I've been wrestling your entire life. I've survived everyone who has ever wanted to do me harm. Everyone who has wanted to put me out to pasture. You think you're man enough to put me down? You think you're the one to end my career? Fine. Let's find out. Let's see if you can do it -- but let's see if you can do it by yourself -- without the help of that monster that follows you around like a lost puppy. You want to end my career? Okay, but you're going to have to do it in a Steel Cage. That way we can settle this like men. Pinfall or submission. No outside shenanigans. Let's find out if you're up to the challenge."

Robert, "And there you have it. At the Fourth Anniversary show, in the main event, inside of a steel cage it will be Joel Bryant putting up his career against Riley McManus putting up the Rocky Mountain Heavyweight Championship."
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