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Originally Posted by Lukkearthur View Post
Good luck with this 2013 was one of my favourite years in wrestling!
To be honest, I'm not sure I enjoyed it that much more than other years around the period at the time. But in retrospect, it was a pretty good year.

2009 was the other year I gave serious consideration to. And while there was some stuff that would have been interesting to do in the WWE, I feel like outside the WWE would be less interesting. Whether you look at Japan or England or Australia, this time period offers way more.

Originally Posted by 20LEgend View Post
The idea of "slotting" is really interesting. Looks like it's going to be a great mod.
Thanks, I'm hoping so.

And I'll blather on about the "slotting" more at some point, I'm sure. There are positives and negatives. But the biggest part is that it seems to be coming together in with an overall balance similar to what I was wanting.

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Keep going I'm almost there... you want me to talk about it in my deep voice? Or my deep DEEP voice?
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