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To be honest, I just wouldn't advise attempting this - the game won't break with such a scenario, but it certainly isn't optimised for it and with zero popularity anywhere it's going to create a glacial pace of progress, especially with no local shows. You have to remember that the primary two ways for a fighter to gain popularity are to appear on shows that get a lot of viewers and to beat more popular fighters - both of these are removed in your scenario, so they'd be limited to the less powerful secondary routes of getting dominant wins and being in exciting fights. Likewise, companies gain by putting on fights people want to see - with no popularity anywhere, your scenario also removes (or severely limits) that option. You've also got a balance issue in that you're creating a scenario where MMA is for all intents and purposes completely unknown and yet there's three professional companies who are somehow all in existence to begin with, so you're putting the game world at even more of a disadvantage when it comes to expanding.

In short, I think you're setting yourself up for a very, very frustrating experience by pushing the game in a direction that it's not really designed for.
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