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Austin Hill

Charismatic in the ring and awful backstage, Austin Hill is a cocky 17 year old from Los Angeles. A good looking kid, Hill is known as a young womanizer and true jerk. Wrestling only because it's cool and his currently girlfriend, Valerie Capes, likes it, Hill is actually a good competitor. After hearing about XDW through the student grapevine, he joined the company, and has risen through their ranks fast. Hill is the current XDW Aerial Assault Champion, and is looking to become the first XDW Danger Champion who is not a part of the Dangerous Five.

Sammy Sensational

"Sensational" Sammy Jack is one of XDW's fastest rising stars. The natural enemy of Austin Hill, Sammy is only 16 and debuted in April 2004, a full 13 months after XDW opened. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Sammy would soon find himself in contact with Xavier Reckless. Though not a part of the Dangerous Five, he did know Xavier Reckless and the two are neighbors, and Sammy sometimes joined them in wrestling. After being persuaded to start wrestling, Sammy joined XDW. Though he hasn't won any titles with them yet, he is considered one of their stars for the future.

Orlando Michaels

A his name suggests, Orlando Michaels is a native of Orlando Florida. A lifelong fan of wrestling, he was an inaugural member of FFP and was even a primary star for them in singles wrestling. When his family moved to California in 2004, he had to say goodbye to Florida, and soon found work with CCW. However, he soon got into a dispute with the owner of the company, Aviation, who refused to put the main title on Michaels. This eventually resulted in Michaels leaving in June 2006, but his friend Sammy Sensational introduced him to Xavier Reckless. Reckless hired him and it's obvious that the Florida native will soon be main eventing for the company.

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