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Dangerous DJ

"The One Man Disco Party" Dangerous DJ is an 18 year old yardie currently working for XDW. Debuting in January 2004 with CCW, DJ would become a main eventer for the company, and had a good reign with the CCW Coastal Championship. However, in March 2006 he had a dispute with company owner and booker Aviation, and when Xavier Reckless heard he quickly brought DJ to XDW. Since then XDW have been grooming him overtime, and look to potentially make him a main eventer, though his in-ring skills aren't quite good enough for that.
Mr. Reckless

The father of Xavier Reckless, Mr. Reckless is the road agent and referee for his son's company, XDW. Reckless himself is a retired wrestler, wrestling under the name Reckless Danger, his career spanned from 1977 to 2001. Though he never achieved much, he was used a few times by TWL and DAVE as enhancement talent. Using his money to fund XDW, Mr. Reckless seems to be proud of his son, and might take over the company to keep it running once his son goes pro.
The Surfer Twins

Jake James and Stan James are actual twins who wrestle as a team called Surf's Up. Lifelong fans of wrestling, the duo love CZCW and the second Xavier Reckless opened XDW, they joined. They've since become two time XDW Tag Team Champions, and both have one reign with the XDW Aerial Assault Championship. There's word that they want to join CZCW once they turn 18, but CCW is looking to hire them and officially start the war with XDW.
Valerie Capes

The most popular teen girl in backyard wrestling, 16 year old Valerie Capes is the girlfriend and manager of Austin Hill. Though she knows nothing about wrestling, Hill convinced her to be his manager, and the two are seen together at every show.

As of now, there are five companies. The rosters are being filled overtime. The companies are listed in order of their place in the company wars tab:
1. Xtreme Danger Wrestling
2. Insane Clown Wrestling
3. Championship Wrestling League
4. Coastal Championship Wrestling
5. Florida Fighting Pro

I look to make two more promotions, and potentially expand the number as time goes on. Suggestions will be accepted.

Next post will be on September 20, 2019.
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