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CCW's Roster


The high flying magician, Aviation is a yardie who is also the owner and booker of Coastal Championship Wrestling. Seeing the success XDW was having, Aviation tried getting onto the roster, but Xavier Reckless didn't need anyone else at the time. Determined, he opened CCW and based it off of his favorite company: CZCW. So far, the company has done decently well, but some think Aviation is a poor owner, as he's driven to good talents away from the company. Despite this, Aviation continues to run CCW, and is the primary heel of the company.
The American Cobras

James Malloy and Jake Spillane, better known as Marvel Malloy and Storm Spillane, are two Floridians and best friends. Meeting in pre-school when Spillane dived onto Malloy from the small slide into the nearby sandbox, the two have been inseparable ever since. They would found Florida Fighting Pro in December 2002, 3 months before XDW was born. FFP would be simply a mostly locally known backyard fed, and the two focused the company on tag wrestling, where they formed their team "The American Cobras". In January 2004, Malloy's family had a job opportunity In California. Refusing to be left behind in Florida, Spillane traveled with them and now lives alongside Malloy. The two would find work in CCW, where they have both held a singles title, and the tag titles together.
Darius Delight

"Mr. Delightful" Darius Delight is a yardie currently working for CCW. Born in Colorado, he moved to California at a young age and was exposed to CZCW and lucha libre, developing a love for it. He would join CCW's inaugural roster and has become a good heel in the midcard, and is a two-time CCW Daredevil Champion.
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