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ICW's Roster

Crazy Midget Clown Klan

The pair of shockjock radio hosts, Hustler D & Joker The Pimp are known in New York for their shocking radio show and repulsive language. The two have been longtime wrestling fans, and when backyard wrestling's popularity began to increase during the East Coast Wars, they realized their might be some money in it for them. When XDW increased the popularity of backyard wrestling, the Crazy Midget Clown Klan had to follow. They formed Insane Clown Wrestling in November 2003, and have turned the company into something of a cult hit among tape traders. The undisputed #2 in the backyard wrestling scene, ICW might not be able to take XDW's spot on top if they can't capture audience's imaginations outside of New York.

SoCal Elite

Hailing from southern California, SoCal Elite is a stable that consists of the dancer Ali X, the gangster Lil' Curtis, and the rapper Pot Lucky. Debuting in backyard wrestling in 2003 on XDW's roster, the trio were a hit with the fans, but never won a title in the company. After a dispute backstage with the three accusing Xavier Reckless of favoring himself and his friends, SoCal Elite left California in December 2006 and traveled to New York to work for XDW's rivals, ICW. They're set to debut at the start of 2007. Many people don't know that behind the scenes, 20 year old Lil' Curtis is the legal guardian of his 16 year old partners. The two don't know who their parents are, and Curtis is the legal guardian of both of them. This has made the trio close, and might help them once they make it into the world of pro wrestling.


Mysterious, crazy, and downright terrifying, Brimstone is the hooded yardie who is known for his work in ICW. Debuting on their first show, he soon made an impact as the baddest guy on the roster. Willing to peform crazy high-flying dives and take crazy bumps, Brimstone set himself apart in a unique way and is a hit with tape traders. He won the first King Of The Clowns tournament in 2004, and won the Clown King Championship from Big Bone two months later. Undefeated in the company, Brimstone is rumored to have some pro wrestling companies such as DAVE monitoring his progress. Unfortunately for him, he might need to learn how to not injure his opponents, as he recently injured Black Knight and nearly injured Big bone in their first match.
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