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ICW's Roster

Dirty Darryl

"The Dirtiest Player" Dirty Darryl takes his ringname very seriously. Entering wearing a trashbag like it's a jacket and using paper bags for boots, Dirty Darryl has been a dirtbag for the last 3 years. Debuting in ICW on his 12th birthday, Dirty Darryl has established himself as a good heel. He's yet to win a title in the company, but many think it won't be long before he wins the ICW Jester Championship.
Harlem Hater

Harlem's own Harlem Hater is a yardie working for ICW. Growing up in Harlem, Hater would learn to be tough from a young age and is actually a good athlete. Hater is an amateur wrestler and is among the top ranked high school amateur wrestlers in the state, and looks to go to college on a wrestling scholarship. Working as a yardie as a semi-pastime, he also likes pro wrestling and could have a career in amateur wrestling or pro wrestling if he ever decides to.
Lucas Danger

"Punk Rock" Lucas Danger is a very young yardie from the Bronx. Only 12, Danger has worked for ICW since March 2006 and has already shown himself to be a risk taking individual. Debuting in September 2005 and claiming to be 13 to work in random people's backyards, Joker The Pimp spotted him performing once and he soon found himself in ICW's crazy roster. Like other yardies, he covers his lack of technique with flashy moves. Lately, rumors have spread that he's begun to use drugs due to the bad influence of ICW's locker room, though it hasn't been proven.

"The Punk Of New York" Vendetta is a unique worker. Coming out with a futuristic punk look made up of face paint, a jet-black mohawk, fake tattoos, and a long custom made leather jacket, the 14 year old looks like a future star. Upon debuting for ICW in 2003 he became the resident midcarder, and is a former ICW Jester Champion. However, he's a sloppy, generic hardcore worker, but ICW doesn't care about that or his age, so he can fight there all he wants.
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