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ICW's Roster

Crystal Clear

Valet and girlfriend of Big Bone, 20 year old Crystal Clear is the resident valet for ICW. Debuting with them early on, she was paired with Big Bone. Not doing much she usually stands around and sometimes gets involved by using seduction to help him win matches. They've been in a relationship since 2004, but it's rumored the relationship is abusive for her.

Dontell Marcus

Janitor of the Shockjock Radio station, Marcus is an acquaintance of Hustler D and Joker The Pimp. Not really a wrestling fan, he likes the blood, booze, and boobs of ICW, so he enjoys working there and is a decent referee for them.
Gregory D

"New York's Darkness" Gregory D is ICW's resident goth. A yardie, he's been a jobber for ICW and has never won a match there. There are rumors he plans to leave soon, due to a bullying culture within the company.
Sky Taylor

"Innocent" Sky Taylor isn't all that innocent. A stripper who makes amateur porn, Taylor has done some things at 20 that others haven't done by 30. In truth, she's a nice person, but can be very naive, which has led to ICW taking advantage of her. She isn't managing any one person, and is used mainly as eye candy. There are rumors she's depressed and could be on drugs.
Springboard Sam

Debuting in August 2005, Springboard Sam would use some connections to get into ICW. Despite his name, he's not a spot monkey, and is a decent enough worker for ICW. However, he's a complete jobber, and his only win is against Gregory D. It's rumored he's being bullied, and is extremely unhappy.
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