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Default [RTL] Robbie Rotten: The Life of a Jobber

Before I start off this dynasty I just went to let everyone know that I'm doing this purely to learn how to format and run a dynasty before I start my proper one after the demise of Robbie Rotten.

This game will in no way be played seriously and I will purposely seek the path of a Indy Jobber unless I get bored.

Now, let me introduce use to;

Name: "Big Sexy" Robbie Rotten

Bio: Robbie Rotten debuted in January 2014 with the goal to conquer the world, one step at a time.

Age: 18

Birth Month: December (Random)

Race: White

Disposition: Face

Mask: No

Hair: Yes

Size: Middleweight

Style: Psychopath

Substyle: Suicidal Maniac

Starting Skills:
Overall Rating: 300/350
Spirit: 300/300
Strength: 150/750
Striking: 450/1000
Grappling: 150/600
Ground: 50/500
Speed: 450/800
Stamina: 300/1000
Athleticism: 450/1000

Menace to Furniture (Lev 1)
Suicidal (Lev 1)

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