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Default [OTE:Flashpoint] WCW 2018 - Better Than Ever

In the history of professional wrestling, there has been no one more powerful than Vincent Kennedy McMahon. For nearly two decades now, Vince McMahon has comfortably sat atop the throne of professional wrestling. Unchallenged, uncontested, but because of this, some would say that Vince McMahon has become complacent. Some would say that if only there was someone who could bring the fight to Vince McMahon once again, maybe then the business would hit another great boom period.

Over two decades ago, it wasn't always like it currently was. Over two decades ago there was a different king sitting on the throne. A man born in Detroit, Michigan that was nothing more in the wrestling industry as an announcer. He was a man that showed with the right attitude and the right mindset, anyone could go after the throne. He created competition in a previously unimaginable way. That man was Eric Bischoff, the man who for eighty-three weeks in a row defeated Vince McMahon and the World Wrestling Federation.

With World Championship Wrestling suffering problems that were well over Eric's head, it appeared that Eric had been burnt out for the last time in 2001. He disappeared from the wrestling world, never to be seen or heard from again at least in this world. Eric moved to the television world with reality programming, making his money in that world and the wrestling business moved on without him. The Macho Man Randy Savage bought the company Eric once ran, and with WCW in the Macho Man's possession the Monday Night War died. The competition in professional wrestling died. More importantly, however, the biggest boom period in the history of the business died.

Fast forward to current day, and with Macho Man Randy Savage giving more and more power to World Championship Wrestling's CEO, Jeff Jarrett, it appears that change is on the horizon. When Jeff took over to roles of CEO back in the year 2015, he appointed Stampede Wrestling's head booker, Scott D'Amore. However, as of May 2018, that has once again changed. The rumors were on the internet for months now, Jarrett wanting to try and create another boom period yet Scott's vision was just not getting that done. With the utmost respect, in late March, Jeff relieved Scott of his booking duties and for the past two months handled things himself. Jeff, however, is no booker, he knew that he was not the right man for the job and instead of risking his position in the company by turning the company belly up, he decided to ring up an old boss.

The month is May, the year 2018, twenty years removed from the incredible eighty-three-week streak that World Championship Wrestling had over the WWE. Jeff Jarrett, however, wants that to all change. Without his finger on the pulse, Randy Savage has no clue what Jeff Jarrett is currently pulling but as of the last day of April, World Championship Wrestling has appointed a new head booker.

There is only one man that can beat Vince McMahon, there is only one man with the history and the knowledge of what it takes. For the first time in seventeen years, Eric Bischoff is back and he's better than ever.

Special Thanks To

Fleisch for creating the wonderful Over The Edge Flashpoint mod which this dynasty will be using. To find this mod, head over to the TEW 2016 Mod section or just click here to be taken directly to the thread.

iDOL for creating the WCW logo that will be used in this dynasty, I found a version of the logo that he recreated based on the old WCW magazine logo and fell in love.

DarkVoidPictures on DeviantArt for creating the WCW Nitro and Thunder logo that will be used in this dynasty.

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