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Tales from the Infinityverse #8: The Knights of Avalon Part 5

When we last spoke The Immortal Swordsman was nearing the site of demonic power in Portugal as Lancelot The First Knight and The Flashing Blade lay unconscious. With the Rambaldi Talisman guiding him, it was an easy task to find the stone pillar that guarded the entrance to unholy site. Assuming that HaemoGoblin was already inside and that the barrier around the pillar was his doing, The Immortal Swordsman used his mystical blade in concert with the Rambaldi Talisman to cleave the pillar in two. From deep within the bowels of the Earth came an entity known locally as El Coco, but whom you may know as the villain Grievance!

El Coco AKA Grievance

El Coco, Grievance, or Hell's Soldier if you're feeling melodramatic was assigned the task to guard the artifact within this site of power. This was a job El Coco is still trying to do today, not knowning that the artifact was destroyed a few months after his release. I digress, as this story must continue. Grievance, being a hell spawn, considered all living things to be his enemy and so when Grundel and Urlac showed up Grievance attacked them along with The Immortal Swordsman.

The battle was brutal as the two trolls tried to fend off the demon while also attacking The Immortal Swordsman who was trying to do the same. HaemoGoblin, being the sneak he was entered the pillar and went after the artifact. The inside of the pillar was a simple chamber with a shining red gem perched atop a stone leech's mouth. HaemoGoblin reached for the gem but a blast of mystical energy stopped him. It was none other than Balthor, the evil wizard used HaemoGoblin's own ambition against him and soon the wizard had the gem in hand. Before vanishing into a cloud of smoke Balthor revealed to HaemoGoblin that he was removing the spell that gave Krundell and Urlac their size and strength.

Outside the pillar The Immortal Swordsman was able to stab a distracted Grievance, pinning the hell spawn to the pillar itself. Krundell and Urlac scurring away with their king as The Immortal Swordsman tried to figure out what to do with Grievance. As luck would have it The Flashing Blade and Lancelot the First Knight showed up and together the three of them managed to toss Grievance back into his chamber before they collapsed the pillar on top of itself.

Although the three of them were still weary of one another, Lancelot persuaded The Flashing Blade and The Immortal Swordsman to accompany him back to England in order to face and stop the unknown threat Merlin sensed. Unbeknownst to the three Balthor had taken the evil Vampiric Ruby of Pael, a gem that would allow him to drain the life force and power of the very demons he worked for. The stage is almost set dear listener, but we still must discuss the truth of Merlyn Daemonchild...
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