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Chris Moristette and Rogue both hit Time Decline and got released and I snatched them up for my Regional-going-Cult promotion as I had TV and wanted a good ratings draw. Around the same time, KC Glenn signed a Written deal with WLW, so in his last match in the company he dropped the title to the debuting Spencer Spade after the first dirty finish in my promotion when Morisette and Rogue (under their real names) ambushed them.

They've all got 'Big League Player' gimmicks, and are heels, obviously, working a stable under the name of 'Team Supreme.' Mikey James lost to Rogue in Rogue's first match in the company, and I was going to do a road to redemption with him but he got signed to SWF. Congrats, very worthy, so, he too passed the torch to Spade.

I'm probably going to give Spade a year long reign of terror going over everyone with dirty heel help before dropping him to a guy who I'm set on pushing to the moon. Some of my candidates are El Mitico Jr, Matthew Keith, Ernest Youngman, and Steven Parker. I guess we'll have to see who really proves themselves over the next few months. After that, Spencer will probably turn on the both of them, beat them both, and get solidified for a strong babyface run with the title later. He's obviously my star player now.

Rogue/Lobby also beat Zone Out in Fox Mask's last match in the promotion (He too got signed by WLW, I got raided pretty hard...) and are now feuding with the team of Mainstream Hernandez and Remmy Skye being manged by Dharma Gregg. They've also got Wrecking Crew (Farrady/Bulldozer) and Style and Substance (Mitico/Lucha III) to contend with, so even though they're pretty in decline they're still able to put on some excellent matches in a tag team environment and Rogue is helping Spencer's charisma in a managerial role. Up to A-, there. Nice. Wouldn't be surprised if he got signed again.
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