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Originally Posted by Adam Ryland View Post
Yes, I understand that - what I'm saying is that having the exact, or near exact, personality does not necessarily mean that they're considered very compatible. i.e. "I've given them the exact same personality so that must increase their chance of being good together" is flawed thinking.
So then, would you be willing to explain how it works? How is it flawed thinking, when that is exactly what the help file tells us how it is supposed to work:

Relationships and Interactions

Almost all interactions and relationships are done by comparing the personalities of the two characters involved. The method behind this involves comparing each aspect of their personality (trusting, intellectual, etc) in turn and giving a positive or negative score based on the 'harmony' between the two. This 'harmony' is calculated by some in-built methods that look at how similar or contrasting they are. Generally people who are either very close in personality or virtually exact opposites will gel the best, whereas personalities that have neither similarities nor direct contrasts won't.
Or do you mean that even after "perfect" compatibility, there is still a random roll to see if we can go further and we ONLY can find out by never advancing beyond the flirting stage? If so, can we do anything to influence this (divulging secret ID, raising social stage, etc?)

What if we use the editor to move past that hurdle (eg. set it to dating, no matter the personalities), would we be able to proceed normally to the next stages?
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