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Originally Posted by Kollin View Post
Sort of.

It's based on WECNeverDie's mod, which stays pretty good up until about 2013 or so I'd say.

My absolute dream is that someone puts in the work to make a mod that starts in the 90's and is true to life all the way to 2019 and beyond. Would probably entail adding 100s of more fighters...
I redneck engineer'd something like this by merging the latest update with a 2001 game I was playing. There's a bunch of problems that require constant in-game editing just to keep it somewhat balanced/playable (and make sure to edit the modern database to bring back all of the retired fighters/set their records to 0, etc), but it's a great head start. At the very least, you get most modern fighters.. granted they're at their current level, for better or worse.
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