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Looking nice so far Snoop. Let me know if you need a hand!

Noticed that some folks aren't assigned to brands in the WWE:

Raw - Lawler, Ross, Styles, Coachman, Stacy Keibler, Todd Grisham
SD - Josh Matthews, Melina, Michael Cole, Tazz

You may want to consider adding Vince and/or Shane to Raw as well, as they were featured heavily on Raw throughout 06.

Mickie James shouldn't be a heel yet either. They were definitely hinting at it, but she didn't turn heel until post-NYR (unless she's set as a heel for AI purposes). Her gimmick should probably be a Psycho too.

Looks like Hardcore Holly is a positive influence backstage. Given his reputation, I'd reverse that.

Doesn't look like God's in the mod. He should debut in April

I'll play around with this a bit to see if anything else jumps out for me.
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