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Before I post Summer Spectacular, I wanted to take some time to say thank you to three people.

1. Christian_Shane. Christian made the CWL Logo and all four of the CWL belts for me -- all modeled after one of my favorite wrestling territories -- the CWA. He did an excellent job on all of them.

2. ReapeR. The Godfather of Belts came out of retirement for my AWW diary, but for this diary and the rebranding of CWL he made the CWL Banner that I use during shows and all of the GWC belts.

3. King Bison. He made the Saturday Night Slammasters logo -- on his own for me to convince me to use the name Saturday Night Slammasters (it is an old video game from the short lived Capcom system. Very fun).

The three of them provided all of the new graphics for the rebranding and I'm incredibly grateful. I wanted to make sure they all got their proper thanks.
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