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Default CWL Presents: Summer Spectacular 21

Summer Spectacular ‘21
Saturday Week 4, June 2021
Live from the Lowe Ballroom [North West, USA]
Also Aired on the Synergy Network & Southern States TV
In Attendance: 5,000 [SELL OUT]
Rating: .18 [142,110 viewers]
Commentators: Michael Riggs, Ricky Dale Johnson, Duke Hazard

MR: Hello and welcome to Summer Spectacular 2021! We are here in the sold out Lowe Ballroom. We have five championship matches tonight. Ricky, what match are you looking forward to most?

RDJ: There are so many good matches tonight, but I’d have to say the GWC World Tag Team Championship match. Riley McManus is getting his first title match since he lost at the Fifth Anniversary show to Ross Henry. He and Jeffery Aroma have been inseparable for almost a year and a half now. He’s really helped teach Jeffery Aroma what it means to be a professional -- but they are facing a tag team that is incredibly talent. The Mission are in their fifth reign with a tag team championship. Matty Faith is the son of the legendary Christian Faith. His Leap of Faith is a move that no one walks away from. Ranger is six-feet ten inches of ass kicking. That’s a recipe for a fantastic match.

MR: And who do you think will walk out with the World’s Tag Team Titles?

RDJ: If I’m backed into a corner, I’m gonna say the Mission.

DH: That’s because you’re a fool. I think tonight is the night the Cornerstone and the Headhunter become World Tag Team Champions. I think tonight is the night that Ox Mastadon puts Clyde Puder down. It’s going to be a great night here at the Lowe’s Ballroom.

Opening Match
Singles Match
Fifteen Minute Time Limit
Rocky Weatherfield versus “The Nightmare” Scythe

This was a match clearly designed to showcase Scythe’s vicious streak and help get ‘The Nightmare’ back on track after his disqualification loss to James Diaz. Rocky came out with a flurry of strikes but he was not able to even phase the big man. Scythe absorbed every blow of Rocky and cut him off with a big boot that looked like it took Rocky’s head off.

He followed that up with a spinebuster and then a Chokeslam that looked like he was trying to drive Rocky Weatherfield through the ring for the victory.

Scythe defeated Rocky Weatherfield in 6:24 by pinfall with a Choke Slam.

Singles Match
Twenty Minute Time Limit

Sayeed Ali versus “The Return of the Monster” James Diaz ©

Sayeed Ali has long been a standout in 4C in Canada -- and has made apperances in CWL before he signed on fulltime. Though he lost to KC Glenn in his first appearance, he was granted a championship opportunity against James Diaz based off his reputation.

James Diaz has been very impressive as United States Champion. With his open challenge, he is rapidly approaching the most successful defenses of the Championship. The two men came out slugging. While Ali is not quite as big as the second generation heavyweight bruiser, he can absorb a lot of punishment and is not afraid to throw hands with anybody.

The two men had a hard hitting affair. Lots of strikes and heavy blows that really got the crowd up out of their seats. Sayeed missed a diving headbutt of the second rope that allowed Diaz to hit him with the Death by Diaz for the pinfall victory.

James Diaz defeated Sayeed Ali in 14:02 by pinfall with a Death by Diaz. James Diaz makes defence number 6 of his CWL United States title.

Tag Team Match
Twenty Minute Time Limit

vs. w/
The New Wave versus The Devil’s Rejects © w/ February Malaise

The New Wave are one of the most accomplished tag teams in wrestling history. Ten times they’ve been tag team champions -- four in DAVE and six in TCW. The Devil’s Rejects are the most successful tag team in CWL history -- with three North American Tag Team Title reigns and a reign as COTT World Heavyweight Tag Team Title. They are also a product of the Rocky Mountain School of Wrestling and are truly homegrown talents.

This is also Guide’s first match back since he suffered a major concussion thirteen months ago. He did not show any lingering effects from it -- both he and Scout came to play and showed the kind of wild brawling and slick teamwork that made them huge successes in the bloody environment of DAVE, but also allowed them to transition successfully to TCW.

At one point, Guide leapt from the top rope to the floor with a big crossbody that took down both Holly and Anderson. February Malaise got in Guide’s face -- which distracted him long enough for Holly and Anderson to hit him with an assisted pop up powerbomb onto the ring apron that look like it might have caused serious back problems -- or could have just been Guide selling his ass off.

This left Scout alone -- and as tough as Scout was, he was not able to avoid Keith Holly’s Reaper Breaker [Tilt-A-Whirl-Powerbomb] that allowed the Rejects to successfully retain the tag team championship.

The Devil's Rejects defeated The New Wave in 15:10 when Keith Holly defeated Scout by pinfall with a Reaper Breaker. The Devil's Rejects make defence number 1 of their CWL North American Tag Team titles.

Scout was the weak link, struggling to keep up with everyone else's in-ring performance.

Singles Match
Fifteen Minute Time Limit
KC Glenn versus Monty Trescarde

KC Glenn has been on a bit of a winning streak since losing to Ox Mastadon in the Gold Rush tournament. In fact, since returning to CWL at Gold Rush V, KC has only lost one singles match and one six man tag. Coming into this match, he had eleven wins since August -- wins over Keith Holly, Ernest Youngman, Franklin Rush, Johnny Anderson, American Buffalo, Sayeed Ali and more. Monty Trescarde is a veteran competitor who had success in NYCW and SWF before finding his way to CWL. He has formed a team with Carl DiBiase -- though DiBiase is currently rehabbing a knee injury that’s keeping him out of in-ring action.

Glenn is noted for the fact that he can do everything in the ring. He can throw hands. He can go hold for hold. He can take it to the sky if he needs to. Monty is also an all-around wrestler, though his trips to the top rope tend to be few and far between and mostly for flying double axe handles.

This contest was more of a brawling affair with some holds mixed in. Monty has the size advantage over KC -- KC is definitely a junior heavyweight (though probably the best junior heavyweight in the world). It was a very exciting contest that got the crowd out of their seats when Monty went for his Cash Bonus [Pedigree], but KC spun out of it and went for a Tune up the Sunshine Band [Superkick]. Monty blocked it by getting both of his forearms in front of his face. This took KC off balance and Monty again went for the Cash Bonus, but this time KC dropped down and rolled between Monty’s legs. Monty turned around right as KC got to his feet. KC connected flush with a Tune Up the Sunshine band and got the three count for the victory.

KC Glenn defeated Monty Trescarde in 11:08 by pinfall with a Tune Up The Sunshine Band.

Singles Match
Twenty Minute Time Limit

Missy Masterson versus Lucy Stone-McFly ©

Last month, Missy and Lucy completely stole the show with one of the five best matches of the year for CWL so far. In that match, Lucy hit Missy with a Delorean Driver to get the victory. In this match, the former USPW stand out was on her guard, but definitely came with even more of a mean streak. She didn’t like being shown up by the rookie. She didn’t like losing and she was here to take that out on Lucy.

Lucy continued to showcase the technical prowess of both sides of her family. She was able to wrestle Missy to the mat on several occasions and twice almost hit Missy with the Delorean Driver, but each time Missy had it scouted. Lucy went for a dive off the top, but Missy countered it with an Identity Crisis (Codebreaker) that scored her the victory and the Championship.

In a decent match, Missy Masterson defeated Lucy Stone-McFly in 11:32 by pinfall with an Identity Crisis. Missy Masterson wins the CWL North American Women's title.

Singles Match
Twenty Minute Time Limit
Matthew Keith versus “The Rampage” Deever Arnold

Deever Arnold came into CWL with a lot of hype behind him. He had been a stand out wrestler in RIPW who had made the SWF main roster and impressed -- but not enough to stick around. Unfortunately, since coming to CWL he had not been able to build a lot of positive momentum.

Matthew Keith had only recently returned to CWL, but when he was here last he won the Oxford Invitational and COTT World Tag Team Titles with his brother Greg. A former PSW and BHOTWG stand out, Matthew was looking to become a national star just like his father.

Both men came out with something to prove and this was an excellent technical match. Matthew showcased the kind of technical wrestling that one can only do if they are a Keith, Stone, or Mushashibo. His transitions from hold to hold were perfect and each submission hold he locked in looked like it was going to ruin whatever part of Deever’s body that he had a hold of. To his credit, the man called Rampage refused to submit early on and was able to capitalize on a brief moment where Darren Smith was out of position by raking Matthew’s eyes and seizing control of the match up.

Arnold pummeled Keith with several strikes and slams before attempting a big German Suplex. Keith blocked the German Suplex and got Arnold onto the mat and locked in the Proton Lock -- Indian Deathlock -- that caused Arnold to tap out.

Matthew Keith defeated Deever Arnold in 13:08 by submission with a Proton Lock.

Tag Team Match
Thirty Minute Time Limit
Ross Henry & Brandon Smith versus Des Davids & Mighty Cavanagh

This was the first time either of these teams had teamed up -- but both teams looked like they were seasoned. It helped that Brandon Smith has a lot of experience teaming with Big Bruiser Findlay, Ross is a natural athlete and both Davids and Cavanagh seemed tailormade to team with each other.

It was a hard hitting affair. A lot of strong-style influence here as Bulldozer took it to both Davids and Cavanagh. Cavanagh was definitely used to it and delivered it back just as good as he got it. Davids, who started his career in Mid Atlantic Wrestling, took a minute to really look comfortable in the hard hitting environment, but once he did he really took to it.

Henry got the hot tag and came in hot. Several big powerslams and a big side belly to belly suplex that sent Cavanagh to the floor. Henry looked poised to put Davids away, but the former SWF and USPW standout was able to slide out of the Earthquake Slam and hit the Quarterback Sack [Three Point Stance Clothesline] and get the pinfall victory over Ross Henry.

Des Davids and Mighty Cavanagh defeated Ross Henry and Bulldozer Brandon Smith in 16:03 when Des Davids defeated Ross Henry by pinfall with a Quarterback Sack [Three Point Stance Clothessline].

The match is over Bulldozer comes into the ring to check on Ross. Davids and Cavanagh are celebrating, but then stop when they see Bulldozer has his back to them. They look at each other and nod. They attack, and beat both Henry and Bulldozer into the canvas. It was a vicous assault that only ended after Des Davids hit Bulldozer with a Quarterback Sack that looked like it broke him in half.

“I’ve been telling the wrestling world that I’m the bull in the woods. I’m the king of the mountain. I’m the guy you got to go through if you want to prove you belong at the top. For eight months, the road to the top has gone through me and there hasn’t been anyone who can handle me. Clyde thinks he’s the exception. He thinks he’s the one. He is mistaken. He’s big. He’s tough. But they’re all big and tough until they’re across the ring from the bull. It’s an entirely different feelin’ for them. Tonight. He gets put down.”

Tag Team Match
Thirty Minute Time Limit

Riley McManus & Jeffery Aroma versus The Mission ©

The World Tag Team Championship stole the show. The Mission, one of the premier tag teams in wrestling, continued to show why they have set the world on fire since reuniting in CWL. McManus & Aroma continued to show the natural chemistry that has led both of them to succeed since aligning last March.

McManus & Aroma dominated early. They kept Faith in the ring, isolated from Ranger. It was smart strategy considering Ranger is 6’10” and over three hundred pounds. While Faith is not a small man either, he does not have the height of a Ranger.

Aroma locked in a bearhug on Faith that led to a version of the Hart Attack for a near fall. Faith was able to escape a Slingshot Suplex and use the space created to tag Ranger in. Ranger cleaned house and hit a big spinebuster on McManus that opened up a Leap of Faith [Diving Elbow] for Faith that got the victory and the title defense.

The Mission defeated Riley McManus and Jeffery Aroma in 18:15 when Matty Faith defeated Riley McManus by pinfall with a Leap Of Faith. The Mission make defence number 2 of their GWC World Tag Team titles.

Jeffery Aroma was the weak link, struggling to keep up with everyone else's in-ring performance.

“It’s just about time. Just minutes now, baby. Just minutes until Ox and I go toe to toe. Until the bull steps into the ring with the Hammer and Ox, baby, I grew up on a pig farm. I grew up with them big nasty hogs that thought they were bigger and nastier than me. I had to put a hog or two down in my day. I ain’t scared of the animals that think they’re tough. ‘Cause I know that I’m the shot caller. I’m the guy. Tonight I become the guy once again. North American Championship… Here I come.”

Main Event
Singles Match
Sixty Minute Time Limit

vs. w/
“The Hillbilly Hammer” Clyde Puder versus Ox Mastadon © w/ Lisa Bowen

The crowd was on their feet for this one -- it made it easy for Ox and Clyde who did not have to do much. This was Clyde’s first match back in the CWL and the crowd definitely wanted to see him and see him win. Early on, Clyde got to shine by landing several big punches and a clothesline on the near five hundred pounder that took him off his feet. Ox bought some time out of the ring and when Clyde came to get him, he pulled Lisa in front of him to keep Clyde from hitting him.

This got Ox megaheat. Why would a near 500 pounder need to use a woman to stop an onslaught? This did create an opening to allow the North American Champion the opportunity to attack. And attack the Bull in the Woods did. He punished Clyde with heavy strikes. It was clear in this match that Ox was the protege of the late Dread. He struck just like him. Used a couple of signature Dread suplexes and slams and even the big headbutt that Dread used to perfection.

Clyde made a big comeback and even hit the Patriot Slam [World’s Strongest Slam]. Before he could pin; however, Lisa Bowen leapt onto the ring apron and demanded attention. She got both Clyde and Darren Smith’s. What no one saw was the brass knucks she slid Ox. Ox got to his feet and decked Clyde -- before hitting the Ten Ton Splash and getting the victory when Darren Smith turned around and never saw the knucks.

Ox Mastadon defeated Clyde Puder in 14:54 by pinfall with a Ten Ton Splash after Lisa Bowen interfered. Ox Mastadon makes defence number 7 of his CWL North American Heavyweight title.

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