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Default looking forward this release

i currently have 1.7 data, but looking forward to this next release...

just a few things..i a huge mark for Title Linage being correct, wont play a mod unless i have correct history

ECW TV title has not *Deactivated* as final
WCW Cruiserweight - same as above
WWF Hardcore Title - Same as above

Intercontinental Championship needs relooking at as several vacant spots missing like in 1996 between goldusts two reigns, Prior Marc Mero reign, Austin dropping title in 97, I would redo whole history on this one.

Royal Rumble History - 2004 Benoit Win missing
WWE US Championship History is wrong Carlitos run should be the last holder before Cena's current Holder...

i looking forward to playing this mod, as one of m favourute years in wrestling went to multiple shows, meet Shane McMahon backstage who was not with company at the time, bumped into Eddie Guerrero in Hotel, but never got a photo with him, months later he passed one thing i regret, easily one of the best years in WWE history, cant wait to get stuck in and play this mod...
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