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Originally Posted by CQI13 View Post
Didn't realize this until I heard it today, and had to double check. Eli is a .500 QB for his career. Unbelievable.
Wish I could say I'm surprised. But it's not like you can hang that all on him as much as many would like too. The Giants have struggled to remain a fully constructed team over the course of Eli's tenure. When they've had the good years, they were terrific. But all too often during Eli's career, there's been that gaping hole. If it wasn't the run game it was the receiving corps. Get the receiving corps firmed up, the O line was allowed to go to seed. Eli's done all he could. Can only imagine what he might have done with a coaching staff and front office as committed as the ones in New England or Pittsburgh. I know the Giants are often held up as a similarly model franchise but sometimes I wonder if they should be given the inconsistent results they compared to teams like the Steelers or the Kraft-era Patriots
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