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Originally Posted by BHK1978 View Post
I was thinking about this the other day, mainly due to the Antonio Brown signing (There is something fishy about that signing. The conspiracy theorist in me thinks that he was in contact with the Patriots prior and then he intentionally acted like an ass to get the Raiders to cut him). Back in the late 1990's-early 2000's the Boston faithful were bitching about how it was not fair that the Yankees were buying their championships. How it was not fair that the Yankees kept on winning every season. The Yankees were the "Evil Empire" and all that was wrong with baseball.

Odd how that same fanbase does not seem to mind the Patriots winning all of the time.
Can't agree with you at all on the Antonio Brown thing. For better or worse, I can't envision him having that kind of artifice. For all the things you can get on his case about, Brown shows you exactly who he is. He's just the classic diva receiver and people will put a lot of negativity on those guys whether it actually fits or not. Just because the attitude rubs them the wrong way. And I will admit there have been times I've been just as guilty of that as anybody else.

As for the Boston fan thing, I've referenced living within the swirl of Boston fandom and the different standards each team gets. This phenomenon you're describing reminds me of old time hockey fans. They'd all complain about the thuggishness of a Marty McSorley, a Chris Nilan or a Tie Domi until that guy signed for their team. Then it became "He may be a goon but he's OUR goon." The Boston fans may have complained about the Yankees buying titles but that's because the big rival was doing it. If you believe Kraft is guilty of the same, he's doing it in their name so its okay.
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