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Originally Posted by Jaysin View Post
I just wish the tag titles and national title weren’t so hideous.
I agree 100% with you, but according to Dan (of Belts By Dan, who made the belts), Corgan & Lagana were VERY specific about what they wanted with them, in that they wanted the classic Tags (which got made using the original Mulkavich molds) for the tags, and they wanted the National belt to look like the old US belt (this one was acid-etched as a standard-style belt, presumably because Dan didn't have access to the old mold for the original), right down to the material and shaping of the leather.

They did the same with the new version of the NWA Women's belt that they just presented to Women's Champion Sienna/Allysin Kay, making it look like almost exactly like the original Mildred Burke belt.

Personally, I would've preferred they went with other designs in Dan's portfolio (many of which were done by yours truly), but given the history behind all 3 of those styles, I won't begrudge them their choices.

Right now, I'm trying to pitch a couple concepts to one of their go-betweens to update the North American and Junior Heavyweight belts with (both concepts being inspired by classic designs, to stick with their "what's old is new again" motif), once they turn their attention over to those, and I'm hoping they end up getting the okay so that Dan can start on those for them.
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