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Cool [mod] X-CVE {DB-05/15/16|PD-v01}

X-CVE Database 05/03/17
X-CVE Pictures Version 2
*Use Version WinRAR 5.0+ to unpack the picture database

-Character Renders in PNG Format Here-

This is the most recent default database for WMMA4, combined and tweaked with CVE, O+, Eyeball Pack, Weidtverse, CFS, & many others. All duplicate renders are removed and all fighters have unique renders. Many late fighters have there debut time moved earlier to be anywhere between 2001 to 2010.

I advise that you use this mod as a base mod. You should be extremely strict when importing into this mod as I've most likely added it within reason.

Detailed Description Incoming...

What's Left:
-About 40 Male fighters need unique renders
-Clean up free renders
-Clean up and add female free renders
-Clean up Agers
-Clean up Belts
-60 Fighter have no Bio at all
-30 Random Companies have no Bio at all
-Clean up Fighters with too many Attributes
-Unique Character Count is at 2912! The next 100 unique characters will debut after 2001 in areas where there just isn't much action yet in places like Africa & Australia. Let's hit 3000 before WMMA5!

Future Changes:
-More Achievements
-Add belt images
-TV only broadcasters need new opening and closing dates
-Add bio for eras
-Add more narratives

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