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Thanks for sharing this! My only gripe seems to be that you've added elite tier (95+ stats which should be superrare) women that already debut before the start of the game. Why? They will just own the existing official C-verse stars. Their profiles look like they've been generated by the game itself, which seems hardly fitting for an elite fighter (I tolerate them for cans). That was also my only gripe against Asaemon's changes in the original CVE: He added a couple of elite men who just beat up the cream of the C-verse crop (at least in my games). It seems... unnecessary.

I took great cares not to edit the default setup and had them debut at the start, but with reduced stats. That being said: many will enjoy it as it's a fresh take. I'm not criticising, just voicing my dislike for it. But I can always just move them back myself.

Seems like you added a custom name here and there... Frickin' 70K names? Really?

I'd also advise to change or even delete the narratives for WEFF. They are scheduled to change to 5x5 main events (non-title), but have a default 7x3 title fights, which seems a little off.

Good god it takes long to sim a year. I like the idea of WEFF having the child companies. They produce about 3 events a year which seems realistic.

- The database also seems to suffer from the earlier "attribute bloat" issue. Sarah Vaughan, for instance, has a background in judo and muay thai.
- There's a woman named Manolita that has a background in boxing but the profile says judo, and she doesn't have a profile. She's ranked nr 11 P4P but comes in at 0-0.

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