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Thank you for replying, if you make any changes to the database upload it for me and I'll make it the new version. I didn't change the stats around too much personally but I try to give fighters strengths and weaknesses. Then I would test them in the fight picker. For everything else I wanted fighters to train with there teams but I'll make sure that current C-Verse champions have a good running.

As for attribute bloat I didn't know that was a thing, my loading times are OK. What I will admit is that I carefully imported CVE characters so that is probably why your seeing similar changes as in Asaemon's version.

Yeah I added custom names here and there, the 70,000K names are necessary if you truly want to see real names in local fights based in that area.

Yeah the Narratives aren't fully fleshed out just yet. I'm glad you looked at some of the ones I added. I'll adjust the WEFF Narrative if you decide not to up any changes of the DB.

WEFF having the 3 child companies is quite awesome I agree, I'm glad to see many of the females you added tally up there match numbers. I was thinking I should limit there popularity level but so far I haven't played over 4 years to see too much of a climb.

I'll fix any attribute errors you find, feel free to add profiles and send them to me. There a quite a few people that still do not have any profile info at all.

I updated the DB again, I'll be making periodic changes and minor updates like this without warning (or notes) a lot on my free time. None of my minor changes are really worth starting a new game over. I want this to be a base mod that people can change how they want.
I replaced the WEFF 1 - 3 narratives with 4 new ones, updated the flavor text and headlines. I made all 3 of WEFF's child organizations different from each other in rule set with appropriate bio. This should allow the 3 smaller companies to stand on there own and have there own appeal. I decided to split AWFC into 3 weight Classes instead of a singular roster. LVFF is based on Las Vegas show entertainment and like wise set to saturate with a singular maxed out roster. Let me know what you think of the changes.
Made adjustments for starting wealth for companies with no roster. A few characters had there name value adjusted.

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