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Originally Posted by franticloser View Post
Jericho & Storm - (though I would run a concept where Jericho gets selected while Storm doesn't and have them keep teaming until Flair and Anderson tell Jericho to chose them or Storm.)
That's not a bad call, I did something similar with a 2001 game, had Sean O'Haire (who was teaming with Chuck Palumbo) and Mark Jindrak (who was teaming with Shawn Stasiak) from the Natural Born Thrillers get offered the final two spots in the Horsemen.....dissension aplenty.

Oh and for the record, Lance Storm wound up in that incarnation of the Horsemen too.....Flair, Storm, O'Haire and Jindrak, with Arn as the manager/enforcer.

Only real problem I see with it is that I imagine the Horsemen are going to be Faces heading into a feud with the Dangerous Alliance, and Jericho turning on Storm is kinda a dick move, but then I guess he and Sunny had already begun distancing themselves from Lance a little bit not so long back.....although I guess you could have them finally see Lance's potential, have them offer him the spot, then Lance turns on them, maybe even joining the DA, but then I don't know who the fourth Horseman would be from that list
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