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Default The Official Comic Book Discussion Thread

.....OH, COME ON! I just thought with Adam working on the upcoming Comic Book Hero that it'd be appropriate to start up a discussion thread centered on, well, comic books. Anything goes. DC, Marvel, other big names, and if you could please drop in some indies as well.

I guess I'll start off with this:

Hello, Miles Morales. Or should I just strictly refer to you as "The New Ultimate Spiderman"?

New Biracial Spider-Man Causes Controversy on the Web

Honestly, I don't really seem the least bit fazed by this. It caught me off-guard a little, but seeing that this guy only exists in the alternate "Ultimate" universe, it wasn't much of a big deal for me to be spazzing out pissed about like I notice some die-hards are at the moment. What about your takes on the matter?
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